February 2020

Swoose lecturing at Macquarie University

Milton Baar, Cybersecurity Director, is teaching at Macquarie University as an Adjunct Lecturer for 2020. In this capacity, Milton will be lecturing the following courses for the Department of Computing:

COMP8310 (formerly ITEC855) - Security and Forensic Discovery. This unit covers the fundamental technologies and processes that underpin good systems security management within modern organisations. We consider the underlying mechanics of information and communications technology security infrastructures, risk management, attack modelling, software security, firewalls, intrusion detection and forensics. Course details may be found at https://unitguides.mq.edu.au/unit_offerings/121816/unit_guide

COMP8300 (formerly ITEC854) - Information Security Management. This course teaches post-graduate students the practical aspects of Information Security Management and is a core subject in the post-graduate course. The 13 week course as a practical exercise, introducing students to ISO27001 and other frameworks including COBIT, PCIDSS, Sarbanes Oxley and ISM3. Course details may be at https://unitguides.mq.edu.au/unit_offerings/129603/unit_guide

COMP8260 - Advanced System and Network Security. As organisations and users increasingly rely upon networked applications for assessing information and making critical business decisions, securing distributed applications is becoming extremely significant. The unit is concerned with the protection of information in computing systems and networks. It will address concepts and techniques for securing distributed applications. Course details may be found at https://unitguides.mq.edu.au/unit_offerings/129601/unit_guide