March 2012

Swoose lecturing at Macquarie University

Milton Baar, Director Technology Innovation, is teaching at Macquarie University as an Adjunct Lecturer for 2012. In this capacity, Milton will be lecturing the following courses for the Department of Computing:

ITEC850 - Network Management. This unit covers architecture, analysis, design, standards and migration issues related to the operation, management and control of distributed systems and communication networks for voice, data, image, and networked computing. Initially the focus is on the fundamental building blocks of network management architecture. These basics are built upon by discussing advanced topics including Broadband and Web-based network management, telecommunications management, security management, management platforms and applications/research issues such as delegated agents and management of mobile or ad hoc networks. Course details may be found at

ITEC851 - Vulnerabilities in Commercial Operating Systems. This course teaches post-graduate students the basis for vulnerabilities found in commercial operating systems and explores the various exposures and management options. Operating Systems covered in detail are OS390, OS400, Solaris 10, HP/UX11i, OpenVMS, various Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Cisco IOS. The course includes practical, hands-on lab time with most of the operating systems.
Course details may be found at

ITEC854 - Information Security Management. This course teaches post-graduate students the practical aspects of Information Security Management and is a core subject in the post-graduate course. The 13 week course as a practical exercise, introducing students to ISO17799, ISO27001 and other frameworks including COBIT, PCIDSS, Sarbanes Oxley and ISM3. Course details may be found at

ITEC855 - Security and Forensic Discovery. This unit covers the fundamental technologies and processes that underpin good systems security management within modern organisations. We consider the underlying mechanics of information and communications technology security infrastructures, security requirements, security architectures and models, cryptography, secure protocols, authentication, key management, PKI, access control, auditing and intrusion detection. Course details may be found at

Additionally, Milton will be lecturing within the Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism and will deliver the following courses:

PICT821 - Assessment of Low Level File and Operating Systems. This unit will examine file systems in several operating systems and within some popular portable electronic devices. This unit examines file structure systems, cache files, logs, operating system artefacts, temporal data, technical search strategies and gives an introduction to forensic software tools and their use in data preservation and recovery. Course details may be found at

PICT822 - Hardware: Applying Computer Forensic Practice to IT Hardware. This unit identifies hardware, storage media devices, looks at ID markings, non computer storage media, the function of hard drives and their operation and repair, types of storage devices, backup systems, portable devices and proprietary systems. Course details may be found at