May 1988

Public Sector IT Security keynote address

Milton Baar, Director Technology Innovation with The Swoose Partnership, will speak at the Public Sector IT Conference to be held from 25-27 May at the Sydney Hilton.

Milton will give a keynote address on Tuesday 26 May at 9:00am, covering IT Security and Risk Management Procedures in a Public Sector Environment. Highlights of the address will include:
Developing an effective IT security strategy
Audit strategies for the public sector
Risk management concerns
Public sector priorities for audit and risk management
"I believe that financial and budgetary constraints are having an adverse effect on the implementation of suitable IT security risk management strategies" noted Milton during a recent interview. "The recent Budget changes to the tax effectiveness of software purchases will increase an organisation's temptation to adopt more risky approaches to security management and implementation" he said.

Also speaking at the conference will be John Frisken, Director Quality and Risk Services and Susan Butler, Director Privacy and Policy, both with the Information Systems Group, an associated company of The Swoose Partnership.

For further information relating to the conference, please contact:
AIC Conferences
Tel: +61 2 9210 5777
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