Swoose provides technical advice for ABC-TV Show "Loot"

ABC-TV recently showed a tremendous local Australian production, Loot.

A man is dead, millions of dollars have been lost and a mafia boss is missing. Someone's laughing all the way to the bank, but one man is on the hunt to find those who believe they are above accountability. Jason Donovan and Anita Hegh star in Loot, a fast-paced mystery that premieres Friday 25 June at 8.30pm on ABC TV.

Jon Peregrine (Jason Donovan) is an investigator with a difference - the trail he follows is a paper one, chasing money as it is hidden, laundered and fast-tracked around the world.

When his brother-in-law commits suicide after losing thousands of dollars when a share float goes belly up, Peregrine must face his sister's (Tara Morice) grief at losing her husband and vows to hunt down those responsible. Although mum and dad investors have lost millions, none of the corporate heavyweights have got burnt and no one from the top end of town is talking.

His ex-wife Cynthia (Anita Hegh) might hold a piece of the puzzle, but she's not giving anything away... at least, not officially... and certainly not until Jon looks at the divorce papers she's been trying to get him to sign for the past few months.

Together with his eccentric silent partner Charles (Barry Otto), and genius offsider Bruno (Russell Dykstra), Peregrine works to track down those involved in the deal and bring them to account. Jon smells blood money and he's not about to give up the chase. Perhaps white-collar crime doesn't pay like it used to?

Milton Baar, Director Technology Innovation, worked with the writer, John O'Brien over a two-year period. The technology and security themes throughout the show are a result of their cooperation.