January 2006

Swoose lecturing at Macquarie University

Milton Baar, Director Technology Innovation, is teaching at Macquarie University as an Honorary Associate for 2006. In this capacity, Milton will be lecturing the following courses for the Postgraduate Professional Development Program:

ITEC813 - Vulnerabilities in Commercial Operating Systems. This course teaches post-graduate students the basis for vulnerabilities found in commercial operating systems and explores the various exposures and management options. Operating Systems covered in detail are OS390, OS400, Solaris 10, HP/UX11i, OpenVMS, various Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Cisco IOS. The course includes practical, hands-on lab time with most of the operating systems. Course details may be found at http://www.ppdp.mq.edu.au/course_units/short_descriptions/index.htm

ITEC854 - Information Security Management. This course teaches post-graduate students the practical aspects of Information Security Management and is a core subject in the post-graduate course. The 13 week course as a practical exercise, introducing students to ISO17799, ISO27001 and other frameworks including COBIT, PCIDSS, Sarbanes Oxley and ISM3. Course details may be found at http://www.comp.mq.edu.au/units/itec854/

ITEC855 - Information Security Technologies. This unit covers the fundamental technologies from which secure systems are constructed. It is intended both for post-graduate students who will progress to further study in security and for those wishing to understand the necessary basics of computer security. Course details may be found at http://www.comp.mq.edu.au/units/itec855/

Additionally, Milton will be lecturing within the School of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism and will deliver the following course:

PICT808 - Cybercrime & Cyberterrorism. This unit will present a high-level overview of how cyberterrorist threats might be conceived in different horizontal applications, network and protocol layers. The unit explores how different vertical industries (e.g. the finance industry) face specific treats from their use of specific protocols and platforms. The "human factor" in dealing with cyberterrorist threats will be emphasised. Course details may be found at http://www.pict.mq.edu.au/academic.html#PICT808